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RevAUlusion is a 501c3 nonprofit with big dreams! We dream of one day building a neurodiverse campus where adults, children and their families/caretakers can find all their needs in one place. A place to learn, to live, to be cared for and loved accepted just for who they are as they prepare for their future and their place in the world! Where businesses in the community see everything, they have to offer. Where awareness is no longer needed, and acceptance is in its place!


But we can't do it alone, we need your help; donations to build this campus where they will find education, living spaces, learn to start their own businesses, or be trained to the job they love or want. To develop the services and programs they want/need, volunteers & staff to make the programs & services work. Think of the difference your donation of time and/or money will make in so many lives!

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Or text "REVITUP" to 801801 to donate by text!

You may also mail in your donation by printing and mailing the the Contribution Formbelow to:

PO Box 40157
San Antonio, TX 78229

For online donations, you will receive an email receipt automatically upon donation.

For one-time mail-in donations RevAUlusion will mail the donor a receipt upon delivery.

An annual statement of Rev it Up recurring contributions, both online & mail-in, will be mailed to donors by January 15th each year for tax purposes. You must provide your mailing address to receive these statements.

If you would like to speak with us about your donation or would like to make a different type of donation please email us at and we can set up a time to talk. Thank you for your consideration of RevAUlusion for your donation!

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