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You can also text REVITUP to 801801 to donate to RevAUlusion

RevAUlusion is a new 501c3 nonprofit organization with big dreams!. Our entire goal can be summed up in our mission "Revolutionizing How Autism is Perceived & Success is Achieved" Our goal is to put those on the autism spectrum and other neurodiverse needs front and center in everything we do.

We dream of one day building a neurodiverse campus where adults, children and their families/caretakers can find all their needs in one place. A place to learn, to live, to be cared for and loved & accepted & just for who they are as they prepare for their future and their place in the world! Where businesses in the community see everything they have to offer. Where awareness is no longer needed, and acceptance is in its place!

All of our programs, services and projects are being designed to be client-led! In many instances individuals with intellectual and developmental challenges are told what they want, what they need and how to act.

At RevAUlusion we believe each individual client should be in charge of what they want and need, not told. Parents, caregivers and clients working with us as a team. They know their strengths, weaknesses, & challenges and what they want/need to work on or have assistance with. We value everyone as unique individuals, with individual needs, needing a unique, individual plan and we will strive to achieve that for all.


But we can't do it alone, we need your help; donations to build this campus where they will find education, living spaces, learn to start their own businesses, or be trained to the job they love or want. To develop the  services and programs they want/need, volunteers & staff to make the programs & services work. Think of the difference your donation of time and/or money will make in so many lives!

These amazing individuals DESERVE to live, work & play in the community. They deserve to have a voice in society. And most of all they deserve to be ACCEPTED just the way they are!

May you see the vision and catch the excitement that is RevAUlusion! as you navigate through our website!

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