Our Mission

RevAUlusion's mission is to revolutionize the way autism is perceived and success is acheived!

Our Vision

  • Our vision is to build a Neurodiverse Community Campus, an all-inclusive 'neighborhood', where neurodiversity and other special needs (along with their families) is celebrated and accepted! Where you will find medical, educational and residential programs and services that YOU need!

  • Where businesses, organizations and individuals will find guidance, training and events to expand their knowledge.

  • Where knowledge becomes understanding, understanding becomes acceptance, acceptance becomes action and that action becomes inclusion.

  • Inclusion into the community, inclusion into businesses, inclusion where those neurodiverse individuals and other special needs are trained and educated, utilizing their gifts and abilities to enhance their lives and the lives of those they touch. Where neuro-diversity is as "normal" as waking up every day loved, cared for and accepted for the amazing people they are. Where these amazing individuals are encouraged to teach us as much, if not more, than we teach them.