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Show your autistic pride with merchandise from ASAN

Where to buy stim toys, weighted blankets, and other sensory tools

Autistic-owned A Sense of Self Etsy store

Autistic-owned Ruth Doodle Etsy store

Autistic-owned All Things Sensory Shop

Weighted blankets and lap pads from SensaCalm (a bit expensive) but they will create custom weighted blankets the way YOU want them.

Several stim toys from The Therapy Shoppe

Tangles and fascinating variations from Tangle Creations

Munchable Sensory Shop (amazing chew necklaces!)

The Ark Therapeutic has a large Inventory of Sensory tools, mostly chewables, they also have vibrating toothbrushes, spinning fidgets, and more

School Specialty has many different products for special needs.

National Autism Resources has items such as calming products, sensory items, visual supports, classroom tools and fidgets.

Fun & Function has too many items to list, but they are a fantastic resource!

It’s time to end the BLUE “Light it Up” lights for autism awareness! And time to Light it up RED for Autism Acceptance in April. You can also use them in February for American Heart Awareness Month!! And again, in October for Halloween if you wish.

Red Fluorescent Colored Light Bulb (set of 2)

Red LED Flood Light Bulbs (set of 2)

LED Flood Red Light Bulbs (set of 2, a little cheaper than the ones above)

Red Incandescent Colored Light Bulb, 60W (they also have green available if you’d like to show your support for our military)