Residential Projects

Residential Independent Living Community

Our community residential living project is to establish safe, secure independent living apartment homes, 1-2 bedroom single story apartment homes where transitioning neurodiverse individuals will learn to live independently or with a roommate. Group homes for family-style living for those needing a little more help living independently, long term care in a home-like setting for those requiring more care for a longer term (see below). Residents will practice and expand upon the life skills they have learned and apply them in a day-to-day setting, such as, personal care, cooking, cleaning, taking public transportation, shopping, renting an apartment, opening a checking account, budgeting, looking for and obtaining work, etc.

We also envision including a community garden, a community center for recreation and celebrations. Our vision also includes a business/shopping center with stores and businesses staffed by and for the special needs community.

Long-term Assisted Living Residential Community

Nothing is more frightening for the parents of a child with disabilities, than wondering what will become of their son or daughter, if they are no longer able to care for them. Through this project we want to help make that heart-breaking decision easier by establishing a long-term residential community for individuals with disabilities to live in a safe, caring, home-like environment, in the absence of a caregiver. Giving families peace of mind that their family member will be cared for even if they are no longer here to care for them by providing individual assisted living, group assisted living and long-term specialized care, by highly qualified, trained staff.

Long-term Specialized Care Living Facility

To complete our extensive range of living communities, our long-term specialized care living facility aims to care for those individuals with support needs who need more intensive, individualized care by highly qualified, caring, special needs medical staff in a more home-like setting.