Specialized Schools

Winston School San Antonio ADVOCATING FOR MINDS THAT LEARN DIFFERENTLY® The mission of the Winston School San Antonio is to provide a personalized, college preparatory education to students with high potential and identified learning differences. A Winston School graduate is confident, well-rounded, and a life-long self-advocate. While it is a specialized school, it is also considered a private school, so it is tuition based.

One For Autism, Inc. was established to serve children, youth and adults of all levels of functioning while providing a comprehensive individualized program, aimed at enhancing language and communication, social, play, academic, and independent living skills. They are considered non-public and therefore have a fee based tuition.

The Foundation School for Autism is a tuition free, public charter school for early education for children ages 3-7, they are very hard to get into and usually have a wait list, so check their website often and sign up as soon as you see the announcement for new families for the current school year for your child.