About Us

RevAUlusion is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Founded by the mother and grandmother of a beautiful little autistic boy, their vision started as they journeyed through the ups and downs of special needs programs, services, educational and therapeutic options. During their own difficult journey, as they spoke with other family members of special needs children and neurodivergent adults, one thing kept standing out………. Frustration.

Frustration over waiting FOREVER to get appointments for diagnosis, for therapists, and let’s not forget the wait to get on waiting lists for services! Waits that can take YEARS! There are great programs and services available, but they can’t keep up with the demand. The neurodivergent community are frustrated as well, issues such as, unwillingness to make accommodations in the workplace, frustration over the lack of inclusivity in the community as a whole. Autism and other neurodiverse diagnoses are there, the information and awareness are out there. Now is the time for acceptance and inclusion!

As the little boy grew, so did the frustrations. Education came into play; great options that came with their own frustrations; larger special needs classrooms, more waiting lists, too expensive, or long daily commutes. Educational issues with special need teacher turn-over and/or burnout rates that affect the children personally and academically, causing the undeniable loop of thriving, regressing, and catching up again and again.

SAN ANTONIO IS THE BEST PLACE WE KNOW TO LIVE! The people, the diversity, the deep sense of community, the pride, the joy that comes from being born and raised in San Antonio, and the pride that magically affects even those "transplanted" in San Antonio – we are centrally located, with a military pride that rivals the rest of the country, and let's not forget the best thing to happen to the special needs community anywhere.....Morgan's Wonderland  and Morgan's Wonderland Camp!! Where to find all of that anywhere else? The conclusion… nowhere! So, they decided to do something about it right here in the city that they love!

They reached out to other families of children and adults with special needs, a plan slowly began to take shape. A "community", a campus of sorts, with programs, services, educational and therapeutic options that will make San Antonio proud! A “community” that works together with other available programs and services to enable individuals with neurological and physical challenges be the best they can be, from childhood through adulthood! While our main focus is on autism and other neurological challenges, RevAUlusion aims to be able to reach all ages, all abilities, all needs!

We have heard from family, caregivers and others in the community. It’s now time to hear from the ones whom we strive to serve! We believe if we are to have the BEST possible outcomes and have the programs and projects to serve the needs of the neurodivergent community then we need to actually LISTEN to those we wish to serve! We want to hear from you! We want you on our Board of Directors, we want you on our Community Advisory Board, we want emails with input from YOU. We want you working and volunteering with us – THIS IS FOR YOU, THE NEURODIVERSE COMMUNITY! WE CAN’T DO THIS WITHOUT YOU!

The saying "it takes a village to raise a child" has never been truer than for children and adults with special needs! EVERYONE, neurotypical and neurodiverse TOGETHER can build something incredible! Something Texas Proud! So, if you are ready to help, whether it's with time, talent or money, JOIN THE REVAULUSION! Let's get started building this spectacular community to rival all others in this beautiful city we call San Antonio!